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Out With the Old: Decluttering Tips Before Moving Day

In the days leading up to the day you relocate, you have a ton of packing to do. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of items you’ll need to pack in boxes or transport to your new home, try decluttering before moving day. 

Parting with things that have been in your house for years or decades can be a challenge, but we believe you’ll feel so much better when you embrace a minimalist way of moving. Here are a few tips for decluttering your stuff on the days leading up to your big move.

Start with a Plan

So you don’t overwhelm yourself with the decluttering process, it’s helpful to create a plan of attack for purging your stuff. Decide which categories of items you’ll focus on, such as furniture, clothing, kids’ toys, books, kitchen items, outdoor gear, and gadgets. Then, determine what you are going to do with each of these items. Will you be open to having a garage sale? Or will you simply want to donate or throw away the items?

By starting the decluttering process early, you’ll be able to have enough time to sort items, hold a garage sale, schedule a donation pickup, and pack your remaining items before the move. And, hopefully, you’ll have a bit of time to spare for relaxing. You can find a decluttering and moving checklist online to make sure you don’t forget anything while getting rid of things.

Declutter By Category

Many times, people suggest tackling packing one room at a time. This can be a great way to pack, but you may find it most efficient to declutter by category of items. When you gather similar things, such as DVDs, in one area, you’ll be able to see how many of each item you will be taking to your new home. What seemed like a small amount in one room may seem like way too much for a single household. 

For example, say you have ten DVDs in each room. This may sound like a small enough amount, but if you gather them all together, you’ll notice your household has seventy DVDs in total. You may decide this is way too many and that you could afford to part with some of them. 

Gathering similar items into one area can help you be more ruthless in getting rid of things. In the end, you’ll have less to pack and less to clutter your new home.

Sort Everything Out

Starting with one category of items at a time, create four to five piles. You’ll want three piles for items you’ll keep, trash, and recycling, and you’ll want another pile for donations or yard sales. If you decide to donate and hold a sale, create two separate piles for these items. 

After you designate boxes or areas for these piles, begin sorting everything out. Remember to use proper technique for lifting heavy objects if you’re handling oversized items. When you finish with one category of items, start on the next. You’ll throw away, donate, and sell things later. 

Stop Shopping for Household Items

We know you’re excited to start planning for life in your new home, and it may be tempting to start buying household goods right away. However, even though it’ll be hard, we suggest holding off on shopping for new things until after you’re moved into your home. This will save you on the number of items you’ll need to pack, not to mention the number of items you’ll have to work around to declutter the rest of your house.

Remember These Decluttering Rules

As humans, we’re sentimental beings, and this means it can be hard to part from items that have been in our possession for years. If you’re having trouble saying goodbye to some of your things, remember these decluttering rules:

  • Get rid of stuff you haven’t used in a year: Whether it’s a device you haven’t touched in a year or a piece of clothing you haven’t worn, it’s time to let it go. Odds are, you will not be using it any time in the near future if you haven’t thought about it in a year.
  • Don’t keep items you feel guilty about parting from: Some of us keep gifts from people simply because they are gifts. If you have a gift you’ve never liked or used, get rid of it. The gifter will probably never remember you had it, and if they do, you can say it didn’t make the move.
  • Let go of items that don’t lift you up: If something weighs you down, don’t feel bad parting from that item. Momentos from a past failed relationship and clothes that don’t fit you don’t have any place in your new life.

Don’t Stress: Declutter and Organize!

Buying a new home is a thrilling experience, but moving can be stressful. Take away some of the pain of moving by decluttering your home and hiring one of the best moving companies in Montgomery County, PA

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