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What to Pack First (and Last) When Moving

Moving can be complex, right? We’ve all been there, standing in the middle of a room overflowing with boxes and furniture, wondering how on earth we managed to accumulate so much stuff. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Knowing what to pack first and what to keep out until the very last minute can make a world of difference in your moving experience.

Things You Should Pack First

We often think we should pack our most important items first. While that’s sometimes true, it isn’t always the best approach. Moving is a long-term process, which means you want to pack some things you don’t need immediately to get them out of the way.

Backups or Surplus Items

Start with backups or surplus items. These are things you have more than one of or use infrequently. Extra sets of sheets, spare dinnerware, or those additional towels can go into boxes early on.

Items That Are Not in Season

Items that are not in season should also go first. Winter clothes in summer or summer gear in winter? Pack them up. You won’t need them right away, so get them out of the way.

Old Photos/Scrapbooks

Old photos and scrapbooks are sentimental but not urgent. Pack these early to prevent damage during the move. They’ll be safe in a secure box.

Home Decor

Home decor items such as wall art, vases, and decorative pillows can be packed early. They make a house a home but aren’t essential for daily living.


Next, pack your special dinnerware. Those fancy plates and glasses you bring out for guests can go into boxes. You won’t miss them in the weeks leading up to moving day.

Bed Coverings

Extra bed coverings like blankets and comforters should be packed early. Keep just enough for immediate use and pack the rest away for the future.


Pack extra kitchenware you don’t use daily. Cake pans, mixers, and other specialty items can be boxed up early. This clears space and keeps you organized. You don’t NEED a cake!

Your Entertainment Items

Finally, tackle your entertainment items. DVDs, board games, and books are great to pack first. You’ll likely have something else to keep you occupied until the move.

Some Stuff You Can Pack Later

Now, let’s talk about what to pack later. These are usually going to be the essentials or things you use every day. Packing them too early can be inconvenient, so you’re probably better off packing them later so you can make the most of them. These are things like toiletries, medications, office supplies, and more. Take a closer look at some of these items below.

Medications and First Aid Items

Your medications and first aid items should always be packed closer to the moving date. You never know when you might need them, so keep them accessible.


Toiletries are another category to pack last. Daily essentials like toothpaste, soap, and shampoo should stay within reach until the final days.

Electronics and Accessories

Electronics and their accessories are critical tools for work and relaxation. Pack these last to avoid any disruption in your routine. Things like chargers, laptops, and gaming consoles should be packed right before moving day.

Office Supplies

Office supplies like pens, notebooks, and chargers are often needed until the last minute. Keep them handy for any last-minute tasks. If you work from home or have an office desk, you can probably get this moved later. When you do, be sure to label the cords so you can set your desk back up quickly.

Cleaning Supplies

Some people love to keep their place clean and spotless, even if they’re moving out. Cleaning supplies should be packed last for this reason. The last thing you want are dishes in the sink or a garbage bag you packed away. You’ll need them for a quick clean-up before you leave to keep the place clean for any future occupants. We also suggest you avoid packing opened cleaning items to avoid spills during the move.

Dan the Mover Can Give You More Tips on Your Next Move!

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. At Dan the Mover, we offer long-distance moving, cleanout services, packing services, and plenty of tips on what to move and how to move it. We’re here to help make your move as smooth as possible. Reach out to us for expert advice and services that will make your next move a breeze.

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