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Dan the Mover has all the moving supplies you need to make your residential or commercial moving mission in Doylestown or anywhere else in Bucks County, PA a complete success!

Our cardboard boxes are available in the following varieties:

  • Small boxes (16.5”x13”x13”) are perfect for documents, books, DVDs, CDs and other small items, especially electronics.
  • Medium boxes (18”x18”x16.5”) are great for most household and office items like electronics, computer equipment, clothes, shoes, cookware, small kitchen appliances, dishes, toys and more. These boxes will provide you with the most versatility throughout your packing process.
  • Double wall medium boxes (16”x16”x17”) are perfect for packing fragile items like dishes and glassware. They have even gone through a 32 lb. edge crush test to make sure their durable and capable of protecting all contents from damage.
  • Large boxes (24”x18”x18”) are typically used for larger household or office items that aren’t too heavy, like lampshades, bedding, towels, clothing and pillows.
  • Extra large boxes (22”x22”x21.5”) can be used for large or bulky objects that are lightweight like sleeping bags, jackets, comforters.
  • Wardrobe boxes (24”x21”x47”) are used to store and move hanging articles of clothing. With a bar in at the top, you can keep clothes clean and wrinkle-free in the truck or during storage.
  • TV/frame/mirror boxes (40”x4”x33”) are designed to protect anything that’s wide yet slender and made with glass. Each heavy-duty box can typically hold about two or three paintings, pictures or mirrors or one TV.
  • File boxes (12”x10”x15”) can be used to keep all your files organized throughout a move or for storage. The height and width are perfect for file folders and the length is similar to that of a typical file drawer. If there are any documents that you no longer need, look into our shredding services.

If you want to Go GREEN and also avoid having to dispose of cardboard boxes, learn about our convenient and affordable bin rentals, instead.

Also, if you’re feeling overwhelmed about packing up everything before you move, we can provide you with our expert packing services!  

Here are some of the other moving supplies we carry:

  • Bubble wrap is used to pack fragile household items like like glassware or china. We also carry wrapping Paper and packing paper that serve a similar purpose.
  • Clear or brown acrylic packing tape offers great shear adhesion power for corrugated boxes. We also have an inventory of tape dispensers and tape guns to help you with the application.
  • Color coding labels help with document and inventory control, routing, organizing, highlighting, price marking, scheduling and more. We have permanent markers, too, so you can designate all the boxes based on the contents inside. There are also fragile labels so you can indicate when a box contains glassware or china.
  • Chair covers provide an affordable method of protecting expensive chairs from any dust, soil or water damage that might take place during a moving or storage project. These are most ideal when putting chairs and patio furniture in a storage area. We also have king, queen, full and twin mattress bags so you can keep your mattress clean in a moving truck or in a storage facility.
  • Ratchet straps, roping and tie-down straps so you can rest assured none of your heavy, large belongings will be shifting around throughout the transition.

Our inventory also includes padlocks, utility cutters, shrink wrap and more!

If you’re interested in having our moving pros complete the entire moving process for you, learn more about our all-encompassing clean out services today!

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