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  • PUC certification # A-00123259
  • DOT # 204-6404

File Box (10-Pack) File Boxes with Lids (12″ x10″ x 15″ )


Original price was: $38.00.Current price is: $35.95.

  • 10-pack of basic strength boxes
  • Lift-off lid
  • Dimensions: 10″ x 12″ x 15″


Organizing your office or home is easy with Bankers Record Storage Boxes. Use them for archiving receipts and other important documents, keep track of tax records, get ready for a move or give your closet a makeover. The height and width are ideal for file folders and the length mimics that of a typical file drawer. This makes it simple to empty complete file cabinets for relocation, while keeping the contents intact. Each file storage box is ideal for moderate stacking. Handles make them easy to transport. They are also easy to label. Each 10-pack of file storage bins consists of easy-to-assemble boxes, so you’re ready to get your home or office completely streamlined.
File Box (10-Pack) File Boxes with Lids (12″ x10″ x 15″ )

Bankers Box Basic Strength Storage Box:

  • Each pack consists of 10 basic-strength boxes
  • Comes with lift-off lid
  • Can be moderately stacked or used with shelving
  • Helps to keep files or folders in an organized manner
  • Lightweight, hence easy to transport
  • Easy-to-assemble file storage boxes
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