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Call For a FREE Estimate!

  • PUC certification # A-00123259
  • DOT # 204-6404


1.) Remember: Packing, organizing and labeling saves time and money

2.) Try to put everything in boxes or bundle items together before movers arrive.

3.) Place important items and small, misc. stuff in your vehicle or mark “DO NOT TAKE”

4.) Please have contractors, pets, people, and other potential obstacles away from movers.

5.) Please remove all items from drawers…Sometimes, we have to put the dresser on an angel to make turns and maneuver it.


Note>>>Elevators, long walks, stairs, tight turns etc…will add to time.

Take a look at our website for help, tips and FAQs:  

Tips for packing:

  • Try to pack, box, and wrap everything. Organizing is key to save time and expense.
  • Start packing as soon as you find out you are moving.
  • Pace yourself – do not get overwhelmed. (example 10 boxes a day 10 days = 100 boxes).
  • First, pack items you do not use often.
  • Create open-first boxes.
  • Label each box (l/r,2nd b/r, m/b, m/b bath) and mark if fragile.
  • Pack all cartons tightly. Use bubble wrap, wrapping paper, towels, bedding, clothing, etc.
  • Use above for extra protection/cushion in boxes for fragile items.
  • Wrap all cords (lamps, TV etc.) with rubber bands, blue painters’ tape or shrink wrap.
  • Use good packing tape and thick marker (make sure boxes are sealed try to have under 30 lbs.).
  • Try to put back on or tape/shrink wrap bolts, screws etc. to pieces that you disassemble
    floor plan and labeling.
  • Try to have a floor plan at new location. Use color stickers for each room and put on boxes,
    furniture/items. (put stickers on back of furniture so not to damage them).
  • Personal items – pack, medicine, jewel, important papers, and other personal/sentimental items,
    put in your vehicle or in a spot and mark (we will take) so movers do not take by accident. Also, you can pack suitcases for your personal stuff.
  • Lamp shades – can be nested inside each other if they are separated by paper and then put in a box.
  • Lamps – can be put into large boxes and use cushion/padding for protection.
  • Mirrors, pictures, and glass – wrap pictures/glass in pads, cushion foam or bubble. use picture/mirror boxes.
  • (Tip for above) cut and make your own out of regular large or XL boxes (save expense).
  • Bundle and wrap misc. items – try to shrink wrap, tape, rope, and buddle together any misc. items
    shovels, brooms, racks, shelves, curtain rods, polls, wood etc.
  • Dressers and chest of drawers etc. – Light large items can be left in drawers (pillows, bedding, shirts etc.).
  • Please remove (from drawers) all breakable and small items (jewel, perfume, glass, etc.).
  • Plants – decide if you want to keep your plants or give them away (safeties spot is to transport them in your vehicle if possible).
  • Yard misc. – try to drain water from hoses, grill, patio furniture etc. and try to pack and bundle together any misc. items.
  • Other items – movers will not move anything that are health or safety hazards (flammables, corrosive, paint, poisons, unsafe furniture.

Some other important tips and information

  • Downsize – you almost always have more than you think. Try to donate, clean-out, give away items that you do not or will not use. yard or house sales you will save time and expenses.
  • Arrangements – arrange to use loading dock, elevator, parking spot, and notified proper administrator at each location (if necessary)
  • Stay out of movers’ way – this is dangerous, and the mover must communicate. Try to make proper arrangements for your children and pets. Also, you should be around if the movers have any questions they may have but don’t slow the process down let them work
  • Walk Through’s – the movers will do at least 3-4 (before they start, done loaded, before unloading and when done). At these times they will go over any questions, concerns, information etc. (examples name, address, mobile, numbers, moving furniture, all items are in place, and you are satisfied
    unforeseen situations).
  • Items may not fit in small hallways, stairways, doorways, or changes have been made after items were moved in. Please try to check at each location and notified movers and any previous situations or concerns.
  • Disposal – try to dispose of any flammable, corrosive, poisons and dangerous chemicals or unsafe furniture. Contact your local township or trash company for disposal information.
  • Refreshments – (Gatorade, water) and Gratuity are appreciated.
  • Insurance – liability and cargo insurance are included with each move. Check with your homeowners for additional coverage. This is generally available for little or no cost.
  • Tax deductions – check with your accountant or IRS for possible tax deductions.
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