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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave Stuff in Drawers?

The number one question we get is do I need to empty my dresser drawers? We Recommend to empty all drawers (usually only 1 large box per dresser) light pillows and linens can be left inside dresser drawers. If your furniture is antique, delicate or if the integrity has already been compromised, we would require them to be completely empty. In all instances you would need to empty any drawers that contain personal clothing, loose items, liquids (perfume etc.), valuables, important papers, desk drawers, etc.


Local small moves are base per hour and a fuel and travel time charge is added.  Bigger and distance move is calculated to a flat rate with Labor, Fuel, travel time etc. included.

Payment and Deposit

Payment can be made by cash, money order or Certified Check.
deposit is not necessary but at minimum 7-10 day or more cancellation is required or there is a $125.00 rescheduling fee.

Items to Move Yourself

Some items you should move yourself. These include firearms, flammables, cash, securities, jewelry, furs, personal papers, collectibles, and family heirlooms. (before movers’ arrival, please mark and put in area so movers do not take by accident.) Or put items at new location, family/friend house or a vehicle.

What am I not allowed to bring with me on my move?

Restricted items:

We will not move hazardous, flammable, or combustible items such as propane tanks, cleaning fluids, firearms, paint, and aerosols. These items are usually transported by the homeowner. For more information consult for recycling locations in your area.

FYI: Pep boys does take all auto fluids (oil, trans, antifreeze etc..) most latex paint can be thrown out but you need to dry it out first.  By opening to dry or use kitty litter or oil dry to dry paint.

Lawn Mowers & Snow Blowers

We can move lawn mowers and snow blowers, but the gas tanks must be emptied.

What packing options do you offer?

You can pack yourself; we can pack some of your belongings or we can pack everything. We are here to personalize your move process and make this transition easier.

Elevator Buildings

Contact building management at least 30 days prior to moving day to reserve Elevator and find out if they require the mover to provide a certificate of insurance.

Truck Parking

If necessary, please plan to secure the best possible parking spot or permits for the moving truck.


You may want to set your vacuum aside and instruct the movers not to move so you can do a final vacuuming before leaving your home. Also, you may not want to pack your cleaning supplies so you can do a final cleaning after all the items are removed from the premise.

Small Items

All small items should all be packed in a box and completed prior to the mover’s arrival.  It makes it much easier for the movers to load the truck when there is a minimal number of loose items.  Also, the top of all boxes should be closed and sealed with tape.  Occasionally we have a customer that wants us to move open top boxes with stuff hanging out and it is a real nuisance.

Tabletops & Antiques

Items such as marble, glass tabletops, pool table slate, special antiques, chandeliers, or other large, fragile items should be packed by a professional mover or crated prior to moving. Please ask about our crating services.

Mops, Brooms, Shovels & Rakes

Mops, brooms, and rakes can be taped together for easy handling.

Live Plants

We can move live plants on local moves only and the pot/planter needs to be properly packed in a box before they can be loaded on the truck. We will not guarantee the safe transport of live plants, which can be traumatized by motion or temperature extremes inside the moving truck

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