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What Factors Determine the Cost of Moving?

Moving costs can be charged by the hour or at a fixed rate, and which you pay generally depends on whether you are making a local move or a long-distance move. Movers usually charge an hourly rate for local services and a fixed-price or flat rate for providing long-distance moving services.

Local Moves

Local moves are generally based on an hourly rate and the number of moving team professionals required for the move. The more movers needed, the more the move costs; we can ascribe this formula to most local moves. The same is true if the move requires additional moving trucks. Although many moving companies will charge hourly rates for local moves, there are exceptions to this standard. Some companies may charge a flat rate for both local and long-distance moving.

Hourly rate moves generally include the help of the moving team, the use of a moving truck, required equipment, such as a hand truck or ramp, and any miscellaneous materials required. In some instances, packing materials may be provided. The cost of fuel and miscellaneous items needed may or may not be included in the hourly rate. Time spent on the road is assessed at the hourly rate too.

Most movers require a minimum of three hours of work before booking a move. This means that even if a move requires very little time to complete, it may still incur the cost of a three-hour move to meet the minimum rate.

Long-Distance Moves

For long-distance moves, it’s common for movers to charge based on the weight and volume of the goods being moved and the number of miles to the destination address of the move. A long-distance move is generally one that is longer than 100 miles between addresses or crosses state lines.

Long-distance movers may charge extra for specific actions, such as moving items up or down flights of stairs, shuttle service provided, or the need to carry items a long distance. If the company must hire a specialty rigging company for moving oversized items, the customer incurs that charge. Additionally, customers must also pay for any parking permit charges incurred by the moving truck.

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