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Tips for Avoiding Icy Slips and Spills During a Move

Slippery patches of ice aren’t just dangerous when you’re driving—they can also make your winter move more dangerous! If you’re planning a move this winter, you’ll want to take special steps to prevent slips on ice while carrying your furniture or office supplies to your destination. Some of the steps that you can take before the big day include:

  • Locating ice patches beforehand. Before your friends, family members, or local residential or business movers in Montgomery County, PA, arrive to help you move, take a walk around your property and search for patches of ice that are likely to cause a danger. If you’re unsure about an area of ground, lightly tap it with your foot to test its conditions. Remember to warn your moving team about areas they should look out for.
  • Wearing sensible shoes. Your choice in footwear on moving day is essential when it comes to avoiding spills. Make sure everyone wears sturdy boots designed to handle winter weather conditions because these types of shoes will reduce the likelihood of a fall.
  • Investing in slip-resistant footwear. If you don’t have winter boots on-hand, consider investing in a set of anti-slip shoe harnesses or covers. These devices slip easily over your shoes and provide improved traction to help you better maintain your ground when moving heavy objects.
  • Driving slowly and with increased caution. If you’re driving your own moving van or truck, remember that hidden patches of ice can be lurking on the road at any time. Drive slowly, remember to wear your seatbelt, and remember to turn your wheel in the same direction that the rear of the vehicle is sliding if you do get caught in a slippery patch.
  • Hiring a professional moving team. Companies who provide home and office moving in Bucks County, PA, know how to manage dangerous winter weather conditions, making your move safer and easier.

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