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How to Safely Move Paintings and Artwork

If your moving day involves a painting, sculpture, or other piece of artwork, you’ll want to take special precautions to ensure that it is not damaged during transportation or packing. Our moving company near Bucks County, PA, knows that artwork can be both valuable and incredibly fragile, which makes it a challenge to safely pack up and move. Therefore, use these quick tips to help plan a safer moving day for your artwork.

  • Wrap up and box framed paintings. If your artwork is framed, you already have one layer of protection. You should wrap paintings in a thick layer of bubble wrap or non-transferable cushioning from top-to-bottom, making sure that none of the surface is left exposed. Slide the wrapped painting into a portrait box after it’s been wrapped. Make sure the painting has a snug fit in the box and cannot move around. If your painting is too large for a single box, you may cut up a few smaller boxes and tape them back together to make a larger makeshift box.  
  • Add plenty of cushioning to sculptures. Sculptures need more padding than paintings because they have fragile limbs that may break off in the event that your moving truck comes to a sudden stop. Wrap your sculpture in at least three layers of thick bubble wrap or blankets and store the sculpture in the cab of your moving truck if possible. If the sculpture is too large to fit in the cab, create a makeshift base for the sculpture in the body of the truck and make sure it’s secured before you drive.
  • Add cardboard to unframed paintings and photographs. If you have an unframed canvas or photograph that you need to protect, cover it with a layer of cardboard while packing. Place a flat sheet of cardboard over each side of the canvas, tape the cardboard cover closed, wrap the canvas in a layer of bubble wrap, and then tape it into a box.

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