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Tips for An Easy Spring Move

If you’re planning a move this spring, first off, congratulations! Moving is an exciting time. It’s a chance to start over, to move up in the world, and make your dreams a reality.

Of course, anyone who’s been through the moving process knows that for all the excitement and anticipation of a new home, a move can be extremely stressful.

Good thing you have Dan the Mover, expert movers who serve Doylestown, PA, and the surrounding areas, to help ease that burden. Follow our lead, and get ready for a stress-free spring move!

Step One: Call Dan the Mover!

It can be tempting to try and handle a move yourself, just to save some money. But why go through the physical strain of trying to lift cumbersome couches and awkward, heavy mattresses or strain any of your relationships by calling up friends and family for help? Dan the Mover can take care of all the dirty work for an affordable price, including a free initial estimate.

Hiring a mover will save so much time and spare you so much anxiety that we promise, it’s more than worth it. Check out the video below for a few more details about us to prove the point!

Once you’ve got your mover squared away, here are some more helpful tips for a smooth spring move:

  • Slow down. Don’t stress. Looking around at all your possessions and wondering how you’re going to round them all up in a short time can be overwhelming. Stay calm! Plot out a game plan and stay in order while packing rooms.
  • It’s time for a purge! Moving is a perfect opportunity for some spring cleaning, getting rid of all those old clothes you don’t wear or stuff you don’t use. Choose a charity and donate, donate, donate!
  • Get organized. Throwing a bunch of random stuff in a box will only lead to great frustration and a lot of wasted time in your new home. Pack each room separately, and take inventory as you go. Label each box as specifically as possible.
  • Fill ‘er up! The more you can fit in a box, the faster the move will go. Again, this doesn’t mean stuffing miscellaneous items together. For example, when packing up the bedroom, carefully package lamps and shades with your comforters and blankets – after dusting them off, of course.
  • Undress your dressers. At Dan the Mover, the No. 1 question we get is, “Can I leave my full drawers in my dressers?” It’s better to pack up the clothes and items so our movers can take out drawers; that makes the furniture easier to carry and pack in the truck.
  • Secure your valuables. Before our movers come, round up your most valuable items, such as jewelry or framed family photos, and make sure they’re carefully packed up in a specific place, and you know where you put them.

These tips are bound to make life easier for you and your family. Taking extra time on the front end of a move will ensure more enjoyment on the back end. Our movers understand, enjoying your new home is the most important aspect of moving.

Dan the Mover handles more than just residential moves in the Philadelphia area; we also move businesses throughout Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties, and even in New Jersey. If you’re looking for residential or commercial movers near North Wales, PA, to ease the stress of your spring move, look no more. You’ve got us! Pick up the phone and call Dan the Mover today!

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