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5 Tips to Consider When Moving an Office

Moving an office can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful activity. As the leading provider of commercial moving services in Montgomery County, PA, we help hundreds of businesses relocate every year. We listen carefully to all of our customer feedback and use it to improve our services and create advice for our readers.

That’s why we’ve decided to collate some useful tips to help you when you’re moving to a new office space.

Change the Addresses on All Orders/Documents

We recommend updating all documents with your new address as soon as possible. This includes ordering or creating new letterheads, business cards, and labels, etc.

Make sure you update your address with all your clients too, especially those that frequently send things in the mail. Any orders such as stationary will need to be redirected to your new premises. You would be surprised how many people forget to change their delivery address and have to pick up goods from their old buildings.

Prioritize I.T.

Moving I.T. systems to a new location can be a tricky business. As soon as your move date is confirmed, ask your I.T. department to put a plan in place so that everything is moved quickly and efficiently.

Speak to internet service providers and make sure that you pack all the appropriate equipment to get you connected and back online as soon as possible when you get to your new office building.

Plan Ahead

By starting the planning process early, you’ll save time and the stress of having to scramble around furiously at the last minute.

Request a blueprint of your new office to figure out the space layout and factor in the needs and requirements of your business. Plan out moving budgets and decide where all of your equipment is going to go when you finally move into your new space.

Allocate a Move Manager

Even if the work will be distributed across your team, it helps to have somebody willing to account for peoples individual efforts and keep the team morale boosted during a big commercial move.

Administrative assistants are generally great for this type of responsibility unless you have another team member who is experienced in commercial relocations.

Familiarize Yourself With the New Building Rules

Find out the hours that you will be allowed to access your new building before you book your moving company. Get these rules from the building management as soon as possible and plan around them accordingly.

Finally, hire a professional, experienced, hard-working moving company like Dan the Mover to help you orchestrate your master plan.

For more information, or hire the most reputable commercial office movers in Bucks County, PA, call us now!

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