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5 Packing Tips to Live by for Moving Office

Although moving office can be a daunting task, various tips and hacks can make the process quicker and more efficient. As leading commercial office movers in Bucks County, PA, we’ve decided to list some of our favorite moving tips below.

Label Individual Boxes with Their Room and Contents

This helps your movers and your staff know where every single box belongs in your new office building. By numbering each box and making an inventory list on your smartphone or in a notebook, you can keep track of everything that you’ve packed, while making sure you still have all your items when you unpack.

Tape Boxes Efficiently

Apply a couple of pieces of tape to both the bottom and top seams of your boxes. A mover’s technique is to follow this up with one or two wraps around the entire box’s top and bottom edges. These are areas where stress is less concentrated and can benefit from additional security.

Choose the Correct Size of Boxes

Light items such as stationary and uniforms should be packed away in large boxes, whereas heavy items such as books and computing equipment should be stored in smaller boxes. A common complaint of professional movers is large boxes crammed with heavy items. These can make a job more difficult and increase the risk of any accidents and breakages occurring.

Fill the Boxes

Don’t leave any space in moving boxes. Fill any gaps with clothing, packing paper, or towels. Movers will not move boxes that are unbalanced or loosely packed.

Are you moving expensive artwork? Consider special crating!

For expensive office artwork, never wrap oil paintings with regular paper, as it can stick to paint. For all pictures framed behind glass, create an x shape with masking tape across the glass. This strengthens the material and also holds it together if the glass breaks. Wrap all pictures in bubble wrap, and then place the images in individual frame boxes with cardboard partitions for added protection.

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