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Why Should You Pack a First Night Box?

As the most reputable residential and commercial movers who serve Horsham, PA, and nearby regions, we understand how exhausting it is to move a home or a business. That’s why we always recommend packing a “first night box” to make life easier on the first evening of a new move. After all, packing and moving can be incredibly tiring, and nobody wants to be rummaging through umpteen boxes trying to locate essentials on their first day in a new house!

What to Pack for Families

In general, we recommend packing a change of clothes for each family member, some pajamas, blankets, and laundry detergent if you have little ones. In terms of bathroom items, you’ll need toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrushes, body wash, razors, hand soap, a washcloth, and a towel. You may also consider packing some unopened all-purpose cleaning products in case of an emergency.

Kitchen Essentials

When packing essential kitchen items, remember that there will probably be a grocery store or supermarket nearby, so you won’t need many meal options. Things that you may include consist of dish soap, a dishcloth, paper towels, some small plastic reusable dishes, and disposable cutlery.

Also, if your new home is empty, and your packing will take a long time to get through, consider a microwave, coffee maker, and some bottles of water. If you have children, try and pack some snacks for them in your essentials box.

Other Essentials

Other items that may be useful to include in your first night box include scissors, duct tape, phone chargers, first aid kits, tool kits, garbage bags, flashlights, and any essential documents. Finally, if you are on any medication, make sure that this is packed in the first night box as a priority.

Once all of your essential items are packed for your first night in your new home, make sure you label the box “Essentials” or “Open First” or mark it with bright tape so that it is easy to locate. The essentials box can also be taken with you in your car so that it doesn’t get mixed up with all the other boxes. This helps if there are any delays, as the essentials box will be with you at all times.

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