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4 Tips to Deal with the Stress of Moving

It’s no secret; moving can be incredibly stressful. Even if you are excited about your new home, destination, or commercial space, the hassle of making it there can have even the most gung-ho of movers in Warminster, PA wondering if they should have just stayed home instead.

Our team at Dan the Move has compiled some of our favorite stress and anxiety reducing tips to help make your big day a little easier. Consider incorporating a few of them before the moving trucks arrive to put your mind more at ease!


  • Plan, plan and plan some more. If you’re a procrastinator, chances are good that you’ll be particularly stressed out on the day of your big move. Taking at least two weeks before your move to pack up boxes, furniture and lighting fixtures will make your move day much less stressful. Make a calendar event on your phone for each day leading up to your move to remind yourself to pack just a few parts of your home or office.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Packing up all of your possessions can seem like a never-ending endeavor. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask friends or family members to give you a hand. Even if they are not free on moving day, most people can be enticed with free pizza to come help you pack up boxes before the move!


  • Research your new area. People feel more comfortable when they are well-informed. Take some time to research the area you are moving to thoroughly. Learning about school districts, property taxes, and even fun new restaurants or bars you’d like to try in your new area will help ease your moving anxiety.


  • Consider professional movers. Sometimes, the peace of mind that you save when you hire movers far outweighs the financial cost. If you have a moving job that’s too big to handle on your own (especially if you are in need of commercial movers in Bucks County, PA), don’t hesitate to save yourself a headache and seek help from our professionals!


If you’re ready to skip the stress of moving, you can give our team at Dan the Mover a call today at 215-309-8222 to get started!




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