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Five Tips for Moving With a Disability

Moving homes can be a stressful and tedious time for anyone, but residents with disabilities may have even more difficult time trading spaces. Whether you have a disability or you live with someone who does, special precautions should be taken to ensure that your moving process goes as safely and smoothly as possible. While some steps (packing boxes, planning ahead, laying out an overnight bag for the first day, etc.) don’t have to change, there are a few considerations that those living with a disability can make to enjoy an easier move:

  • Don’t overexert yourself. The most important thing to remember when moving with a disability is that your safety should always come first. Residents living with a disability may have a more difficult time lifting heavy furniture or bending down to pick up small objects. Don’t put your health at risk– consider hiring professional movers, whether you’re in North Wales, PA, or another local area, if your disability prevents you from getting into your new home safely.
  • Request packing assistance. Many moving services now also provide packing services that will make it easier for you to get your life in order before a big move. Residents with disabilities may request assistance packing their belongings from moving services like Dan the Mover.
  • Ask for moving supplies. If your disability prevents you from driving, finding the right moving supplies can be a pain. Ask your packing service if they provide moving supplies like boxes, bubble wrap, and tape– many now offer these add-ons for a small additional fee.
  • Know your rights. If you are moving into a rented space, you have the right to make reasonable alterations to the property to help make it safer for you. However, you will need to inform the landlord of any changes that you intend to make beforehand, and the landlord may request documentation detailing how your disability affects your movement abilities before approving any changes.
  • Do a final walkthrough before movers leave. Before your movers leave, do a final walkthrough of your new space to ensure that the placement of the furniture does not impede your movement. If the layout doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to ask for changes.

The team at Dan the Mover can help anyone with a disability move homes quickly and safely while saving both time and energy. We also offer office moving services for those in Bucks County, PA, and the surrounding area. Give our team a call today at 215-309-8222 for a free estimate today!

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