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The Top 5 Things That Get Damaged During Moving Day

It’s every mover’s worst nightmare — everything seems to be going well when a loud crashing noise rings out through your new home or office space. While accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, movers can be at especially high risk of slips, trips, or falls. A single dropped cardboard box can result in hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage to your possessions, so make sure you wrap these five commonly-damaged items up extra tightly before the big day!

  • Drinking glasses. It’s no surprise that fragile glass is the most common item to be cracked or broken during a move. Make sure you wrap your glasses in at least two layers of newspaper before moving!
  • Picture frames. Glass picture frames can easily become chipped or cracked during a move. Using picture boxes and wrapping the frame in bubble wrap can help you ensure that your frame arrives in one piece!
  • Computers and audio equipment. As computers become more and more advanced, small parts and pieces have also become more fragile and sensitive. Damage to boxes containing these types of equipment can cost upwards of thousands of dollars for companies undergoing a move, so think of investing in a team of professionals providing commercial moving in Montgomery, PA, as protection for your business and its technology.
  • Wine and liquor bottles. Just like glasses can easily shatter, wine and liquor bottles can crack and cause spillage. Using cardboard dividers can help you keep your collection safer.
  • Liquid cleaning supplies. Many times, homeowners pack cleaning supplies to spruce up their space when they arrive. However, these can often leak or spill, causing damage to anything else they are packaged with. Only bring sealed cleaning supplies when packing to minimize risk.

Working with a professional moving company in Bucks County, PA, can help you limit your risk of damaged, broken, or cracked items when changing spaces. If you’ve got a move coming up, spend more time interior decorating and less time sweeping up broken glass by calling Dan the Mover at 215-309-8222 before you start packing!


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