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Time for an Upgrade: Tips for Moving Long-Distance from an Apartment to a House

So you’re finally leaving apartment life behind, and you’re moving into your first-ever house. Congratulations! It’s an exciting transition and one that can make you feel very accomplished. You’re truly taking the next step in your life. 

However, the part about moving into a house from an apartment that many people don’t think about? Well… the actual moving. Moving is already stressful enough from apartment to apartment — but moving from an apartment to a house can have extra factors to consider that you haven’t even thought of. Let’s take a look at what you should keep in mind when moving long-distance from an apartment to a house.

Pack the Right Way

Whenever you’re moving, along with remembering to pack these commonly overlooked moving essentials, always remember to pack in the order that makes sense coming off the truck, out of the car, or out of whatever transportation method you or a moving company will be using. This can be made even easier if you…

Hire Pros

Hiring a professional moving company is just common sense. Moving out of an apartment can be very difficult, especially if you don’t live on the first floor, and making sure you can get all of your furniture into a rented van or truck you’re unsure about driving is a stressful endeavor you shouldn’t have to worry about. When you hire professional movers, you’ll be ensuring you actually have the energy to unpack once you move from your apartment to a house, making the moving process much more straightforward, not to mention less physically and mentally taxing.

Eliminate Clutter Before the Move

While you’re packing for your move from an apartment to a house, remember that you may now have more usable space, but that doesn’t mean you need to feel pressure to fill it with everything you’ve ever owned. Before you or the movers load that truck, car, or container, remember that now’s a great chance to donate, give away, trash, or sell belongings you don’t want to bring along or don’t see yourself really using. 

Clean as You Go

Cleaning each room after you pack it up is a great way to break down and simplify moving from an apartment to a house. You can also divvy up tasks among friends and family members this way, meaning several people can work at the same time without getting overwhelmed and in each other’s personal space.

Clean Once You Arrive

The first chance you get, after you place toilet paper and a plunger into your new bathroom(s), get to work cleaning your new house top to bottom — before you unpack. You’ll never get the chance to clean so easily and thoroughly again (unless you plan to move out of this house too eventually), so use the opportunity to do things like cleaning windows, dusting and vacuuming inside of air vents, scrubbing out cabinets, and sweeping and mopping in areas where you’ll be placing large appliances like washers, dryers, and more.

Change the Locks ASAP

Once you’ve arrived at your new home, someone will give you a key or two. But do you know how many keys are actually in circulation? Instead of letting anyone the previous homeowner trusted into your new place, get your locks changed ASAP. We’re not saying anything about the last people who owned the house — but their dog sitter, in-laws, or other keyholders shouldn’t be able to waltz right in and make themselves at home, either.

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