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Commonly Overlooked Moving Essentials You Will Need on the Big Day

Whether you’re a recent graduate in your first post-college apartment or a mom with four kids, moving isn’t easy for anyone. One of the reasons moving can feel so daunting is all of the little details that get lost in the shuffle. No matter how many times you’ve moved, it always seems like you forgot something!

One way to stay organized and make sure you don’t forget anything you need is to make a list — but is your list complete? Bookmark this moving checklist so you’re truly prepared next time you’re packing up your apartment or home.


Your car keys, new house or apartment keys, any keys to safes or storage units — what do these have in common, besides opening locks? They’re moving essentials that many people forget to pack or end up storing “somewhere” in the chaos of their belongings. Don’t stuff keys in any old box! Keep them in a bag or pocket that you have access to throughout the entire moving process.

Toilet Paper

If you’re moving into somewhere without furniture, it probably doesn’t have… other essentials. The worst time to remember you forgot toilet paper is when you’re already in the bathroom. Instead of sending a loved one dashing to the nearest store to save your behind, make sure you don’t forget to pack it in your moving supplies.

Tool Box

Even if you aren’t planning on assembling any furniture, you’d be surprised when you might need a screwdriver, hammer, or other standard household tools during and after the moving-in process. Keep your tool kit close at hand during your move, and if you don’t own one, purchase or borrow one so that you don’t find yourself in a pinch.

Cleaning Supplies

Basic cleaning supplies such as bleach spray, disinfectant wipes, toilet bowl cleaner, trash bags, and paper towels are moving essentials that don’t always get the credit they deserve. Before you move all of your belongings into a new place, you’ll want to clean anything the previous owner or renter left behind or frequently touched. The moving process can also leave your new place a mess, and you’ll be glad to have a way to clean it all up when you’re finally finished unpacking.

Overnight Bag

Are all of your clothes in big cardboard boxes, and now you’ve realized you don’t have any socks? We’ve all been there. You can prevent this from happening on moving day by packing a separate bag the night or day before with an extra set of clothes, a spare phone charger, and your essential toiletries. You’ll be grateful when you can charge your phone without having to dig through every box in the moving truck. An overnight bag is definitely one of your must-have moving essentials!

Entertainment for Kids

Whether your kids have two legs or four, they’re going to get antsy and bored during the moving process at some point. You might not have time to stop to find their favorite toys. Pack your kids and/or pets some toys, games, and snacks that will keep them occupied and happy during the moving process.

Important Documents

While important documents like passports, birth certificates, Social Security cards, and financial records aren’t one of the moving essentials that you need to carry by your side all throughout moving day, they are still something you really don’t want to forget. Place important documents in a safe, secure, and easy to access location and make sure everyone who needs them knows where and how to get to them.

Medication/First Aid Kit

Are you or someone you live with prescribed an inhaler, Epi-Pen, or other emergency medication? Do you take prescription medication? These are important items to remember to ensure a smooth and successful moving day. Make sure any emergency medication is close at hand and prescriptions are packed away safely or stored in your overnight bag as needed. 

Another one of the moving essentials in this category is a first-aid kit. First-aid kits can be purchased at most pharmacies and retail stores and usually contain bandages, alcohol wipes, over-the-counter painkillers, ice packs, and other common supplies. You can also make your own first-aid kit.

Tape and Scissors

Tape and scissors are two moving essentials you might not immediately think of when you’re making your list, but trust us, you’re going to regret not having them sooner rather than later. Unless you’ve somehow fit everything you own into plastic bags, you’re likely going to be closing and opening a lot of boxes during the moving process. And if you’re like almost everyone who’s ever moved in human history, some of those boxes are going to be cardboard. Taping your cardboard boxes shut helps keep their bottoms secure and your belongings protected, so remember to bring plenty of brown mailing tape. You’ll also need to open boxes — and probably do other household tasks that involve cutting — so remember to bring scissors, too.

Food and Drink

Your favorite beverage or snack might be a moving essential you don’t realize you’re missing until you finally sit down to catch your breath. Many people end up ordering takeout for dinner during their first night in a new place, and while there’s nothing wrong with chowing down on pizza after a strenuous day of moving, it can really make the place feel like home to have a glass of wine or cold soda along with your takeout meal.

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