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Things to Consider A Month Before Moving A House or Business

As experts in commercial moving in Montgomery County, PA, and the surrounding areas, we are often asked how best to prepare for a local or long-distance move. There are several things that you can start to do a month before your moving date to help smooth out the moving process, and reduce the stress that can be caused by moving.

Sort Through Things and Chuck Out Unwanted Items

Go through your personal items and decide what to keep, what to discard, and what to give to charity or friends. If there are items that have not been used for over a year, discard them or add them to Craigslist. Perhaps you could fill up a carload and drop them off at a charity organization. The crux of the matter is, by getting rid of them, you are creating a lot of freedom and making your move easier.

Create an Inventory of Your Belongings

Make a list of items that you are planning to move. This will help you to estimate how many packing materials and what type of materials you require. It will also serve as a secure list of things to check off to ensure that nothing goes missing or gets left behind.

Organize Documents and Compare Moving Companies

Make sure that you know where all your essential documents such as passports, mortgage plans, medical insurance papers, etc. The last thing you want is to lose something as important as your passport. Next, start to compare moving companies to see which company best fits the requirements of your upcoming move.

Give Notices Where Due

Don’t forget to inform your landlord of your upcoming move as they often ask for 30 days notice. If you are moving long distance, make sure your employer has enough time to replace you because this could impact the reference that they provide for your next job. Also, give notice to any service providers to prevent being overcharged for gas, electric, or internet connection.

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