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How to Take the Stress Out of Long-Distance Moving

Just thinking of a long-distance move creates immense stress, let alone when the day arrives. At Dan the Mover, we understand what you and your family may be going through during this very hectic time. We began in 1996, and our years of experience make us experts in making your entire moving experience stress-free. 

Moving long distances can be stressful. It’s common to feel overwhelmed when faced with the prospect of relocating all your furniture and belongings over long distances. To reduce stress, it helps to have long-distance moving services that you can trust. Dan the Mover is the leading long-distance moving company in Montgomery County, PA, and has the best team of long-distance movers in the tri-state area. 

Once you’ve chosen your long-distance moving services, create a timeline with checklists and deadlines to keep yourself on track. Then, give yourself ample time to pack, label, and prepare your furniture and items for long-distance moving. 

Check out our tips for a stress-free moving process below:

Have a Plan

Make sure to plan as far in advance as possible for long-distance moves. Begin by researching long-distance moving services in your area and comparing rates and reviews. Once you’ve found the right long-distance mover, create a timeline for your move to ensure everything is taken care of before moving day arrives. This should include tasks such as notifying utility companies and booking storage units. 

Dan the Mover offers all materials you may need to ensure you are fully prepared for moving day; we offer boxes of all sizes and packing services. For long-distance moves, we recommend investing in high-quality packing materials to ensure your items arrive safely at their destination. 

Travel Tip: Make travel arrangements in advance to avoid any mishaps when booking and planning your move. 

Downsize, if Possible

Downsizing your things will help you tremendously during your moving process. Long-distance movers offer advice on downsizing for long-distance moves so you don’t take too much stuff and long-term storage solutions if you need to keep some of your things. It’s a pretty simple tip; less stuff equals fewer things to move. 

Documenting Your Things 

This step is crucial when trying to relieve stress from a long-distance move. When moving, documenting the condition and itemizing all your belongings is a sage idea. Accidents may happen, which both you and our team of movers understand, so it’s best to keep track of all things being transferred. 

Keep Your Possessions Close

During the actual move, keeping your prized possessions safe and nearby is best. Things can easily get lost during the process, so keeping your things in the car or an easily accessible bag is key. These items usually include electronics, family heirlooms, important documents, keys to the new place, wallet, etc. 

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Let’s be honest, if you haven’t booked a moving company for the big move you should. The process is exceptionally overwhelming; hiring a moving company will take 99% of that away. We have you covered whether you are moving across the United States or just over the state line. Dan the Mover has a long history of residential and commercial movers in Montgomery County, PA, covering all aspects of the moving industry. Customer service is valuable, so we make every aspect of this experience pleasant. We offer expert services, low and affordable rates, and a stress-free experience. 

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