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A Lot to Unpack: The Order of Belongings to Tend to After the Movers Leave

You’ve relied on professional movers to pack up your belongings, safely haul it long distance, and place it in your new home. You feel confident the hard part’s over — until you realize you’re faced with another task before you can fully enjoy your new surroundings: unpacking all the boxes, arranging furniture, and carrying out a return to normalcy by transforming the house into a home. Today, we’ll give you some helpful tips on how to get started and make your unpacking process as painless as possible.

What Order Should I Unpack After Moving?

Regardless of whether this is your first long-distance move or you’re something of a seasoned pro, these tips will help you get the house set up in no time:

Have Food and Toiletries Readily Available

At the other end of a long-distance move, you may not have bothered to bring enough food to fill the fridge and pantry. However, putting away what you do have or recently picked up, such as protein-dense snacks or easy-to-prepare meals for when you get hungry unpacking other items can save you some added stress down the road. The same goes for toilet paper, paper towels, and other personal care items you’ll want on hand in case of clean-up emergencies!

Take Care of the “Big” Stuff

Give your home some much-needed structure by placing the more substantial items (sofas, furniture, dressers, beds, etc.) in place. Professional movers may be able to help out with this — so it could be worth it to plan ahead and determine where you want heavy or cumbersome things to “live.” That way, as soon as you pull up to your new home, they can each go on a one-and-done trip. Getting these items to where they belong will free up space to easily access the smaller boxes.

Divide and Conquer: Bring Belongings to the Proper Rooms

Once heavier furniture is arranged, you can focus on dispersing the other boxes and packages in their respective rooms, including clothing, bedding, and lighting fixtures. This is where labeling can be a life-saver; take advantage of packaging supplies to quickly recognize what needs to go where without having to open each box and peer inside.

Get Creative with the Artwork and Decorations

Just as the cherry is the last thing you place on top of a sundae, your artwork and decorative elements should be the finishing touches of your moving in! These elements make your home uniquely yours, ushering in a sense of a truly welcome home.

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