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Getting Acclimated to Your New Area After a Long-Distance Move

Moving long-distance can be an exciting time – but getting used to a new city and your new neighborhood can also be overwhelming. There are a few things you can do to acclimate to your new area after a long-distance move – and soon, you’ll feel just like a native!

Where Will You Shop?

Think about all the errands that you run day to day. The grocery store, pharmacy, bog-box stores, and favorite shopping mall. There may be other specialty stores, like a pet store, gym, or hobby shop. Before you move, check out places near your new home, and make it a point to explore these stores during your first week there. Simply walk around and maybe purchase one or two things, then try a local restaurant. If you go at different times of the day, you’ll be able to work out traffic patterns and see when things are busy and slow.

Exploring the Great (But Local) Outdoors

If you own a dog, finding the right places to walk your pup safely is certainly going to be on the to-do list. However, you don’t have to own a dog or any other kind of animal to enjoy spending time outside in your community. If you’re a cyclist, finding a local bike shop or popular trails may be a priority, while older couples may wish to find shady parks with gentle walking trails and plenty of benches to rest.

Meeting the Neighbors

A new neighborhood is just you and your house until you meet your new neighbors! Take time to stroll around the block, or take your kids to the local park or community pool. If you have a community association or an HOA, there may be block parties or welcome wagon events throughout the year to make it easier to meet people. Plus, there are some apps for your smartphone that connect neighbors, like an electronic bulletin board-meets-water cooler that can help you get acclimated and learn more about the area.

Dan the Mover – at Your Service!

Acclimating yourself to a new area takes some time and effort, but getting there doesn’t have to. The team at Dan the Mover specializes in long-distance moves, including loading, unloading, and even helping with oversized items. Give us a call today for a custom quote!

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