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Dan Explains How to Keep Your Fragile Items Safe During Your Long-Distance Move

Moving to a new city or state can be a truly wonderful thing for you and your family. Often, new benefits and opportunities await those who are making major relocations. While it has many advantages, long-distance moves can be stressful and require diligent proactive planning to ensure that they go well. Taking the right steps can turn an otherwise stressful move into a fun and exciting success story.

If you’re moving a long distance, there are several important considerations you should make before you even begin packing up. Contacting a reliable long-distance moving service is key, as is having the right supplies on hand. One of the major worries that everyone must deal with when making a long-distance move is the secure packing and transport of fragile items. Many times, our most fragile possessions can be our most valuable: expensive electronics, fine china, paintings, and antique furniture are just some of the items that are easy to break but difficult and costly to replace. No one wants to arrive at their new home to find their TV cracked or their porcelain plates broken, but taking the right precautions when packing can help save you from the stress of broken valuables. For families who are preparing for a long-distance move, Dan the Mover explains how to ensure that delicate valuables arrive intact.

Pack Your Fragile Items Last 

When moving, it is important to start packing early, but the most fragile items in your home should typically be the last ones you pack. Packing breakables first can result in boxes of fragile items lying around the home while work is being done. Moving is also highly dependent on adherence to a timeline, and more delicate items also take more time to securely pack. Boxing your fragile items first can potentially put you and your family behind schedule.  

Use the Right Equipment 

When moving delicate items, storing them in the wrong type of box may cause them to break regardless of what other precautions you have taken. Many professional residential moving services utilize special boxes for fragile things. These boxes, sometimes called “dish packs” are made with thicker walls and can safely absorb a greater shock than normal cardboard boxes. Talking to your moving service before packing starts can help ensure that you get the right items in the right boxes.  

Keep The Items Cushioned 

During long-distance moves, it is not uncommon for items to break while their boxes remain intact. Heavy items like silverware and electronics can slide around in the back of a moving truck and break without you even noticing. Utilizing bubble wrap or large amounts of tissue paper to wrap delicate items will help prevent them from sliding around on the drive to your new home. Most professional moving services should have bubble wrap on hand for this specific purpose.  

Moving requires lots of planning, but can drastically improve your life if it’s successful. To learn more about residential long-distance moving service, contact Dan the Mover today! 

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