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5 Items to Leave Behind During a Long-Distance Move

Are you about to make a long-distance move? Moving can be difficult and stressful enough as it is, but making multiple trips back and forth between two different states adds another layer of complexity. Taking the time to properly plan your move ahead of time will help ensure everything goes smoothly.

One element that needs special consideration during a long-distance move is what items you decide to leave behind. Knowing which possessions are worth taking with you–and which can stay–will help minimize stress levels while maximizing the efficiency of your relocation.

Dan the Mover is here to provide practical advice on which items to leave behind during a long-distance move. With over 25 years of experience helping home and business owners move, we have the expertise to help make your move an exciting time. So read on for our helpful tips!

1- Large or Outdated Furniture

Moving cross-country can be a daunting task, especially when you have to pack bulky items like furniture into a moving truck. Many household items might not fit in the new house or may even be outdated, considering the new décor.

One of the pressing challenges that one may encounter is what to do with the furniture that won’t fit in the new house or is outdated. The overbearing question is, to sell, give away or dump it? Whatever the decision might be, it’s essential to move the furniture safely. 

For this reason, Dan the Mover has furniture moving pads to protect your valuable pieces of furniture during the move. Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure the rest of the household items are also packed securely.

2- Outdated Electronics and Appliances

While it may be tempting to bring along all of your electronics and appliances, it’s important to consider which items to leave behind during a long-distance move. Outdated electronics and appliances, in particular, should be left behind as they can take up valuable space and add unnecessary weight to your move.

Consider donating, selling, or recycling these items before your big move to lighten your load and ensure your new home is clutter-free. Furthermore, upgrading to newer and more energy-efficient electronics can save you money in the long run. So, give yourself a fresh start and say goodbye to those outdated electronics and appliances.

3- Clothing Items That No Longer Fit or Are Out of Style

Clothing items that no longer fit or are out of style can be particularly tricky to deal with, but luckily they are usually easily replaceable. Consider donating them to friends or family who might appreciate them more or even selling them online to make some extra cash.

As you plan your move, be sure to create a moving checklist to stay organized and on track. And remember, letting go of old clothes can be a cathartic experience and open up space for new pieces that better reflect your personal style. That’s why clothing items that no longer fit or are out of style are perfect items to leave behind during a long-distance move.

4- Unnecessary Kitchenware

One area where people often go overboard is in kitchenware. When packing up for a long journey with the help of cross-country moving companies, you might start to regret all that extra weight.

Professional movers will be quick to tell you that every additional item you pack will add to the cost of your move. So before you start boxing up your kitchen, think carefully about what you really need and what can be left behind. 

You might just find that some of those pots and pans can stay in the cupboard where they belong. That’s why kitchenware should be considered as items to leave behind during a long-distance move.

5- Decorative Items That Won’t Match the New Home’s Decor

Moving cross country can be an exciting adventure, but when you arrive at your new home and realize that your decorative items don’t match the decor, it can be a bit of a letdown. Perhaps you bought that beautiful vase on a trip overseas or inherited a quirky piece from a relative, but now it just doesn’t fit in with the style of your new house.

Maybe it’s time to reevaluate your decor and embrace a new style. Or, if you’re attached to your beloved decorative items, consider renting a truck or hiring cross-country movers to transport them to a different space where they’ll be a better fit. Either way, don’t let your decor dilemma overshadow the excitement of your new adventure.

Moving Should Be an Exciting Experience!

Moving to a new home is an exciting experience! It’s also a time to review all of the things you own. Donating some items not only helps reduce clutter but also helps those in need while being mindful of our environment by reducing unnecessary waste. When armed with the right knowledge and resources, moving can be a breeze.

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