The 3 Most-Often Damaged Items While Moving and How to Save Them

Moving is a stressful process – from finding your new home to unpacking all your stuff, there’s so much that can go wrong during the transition into your new home. One of the most common mishaps that movers in North Wales PA have to deal with is breakage; from improperly packed items to a bumpy truck drive, there’s no wonder why so many things tend to crack, splinter, and smash during the moving process. Read on to learn the top three things that find themselves broken during a move, and the tips that will help you prevent an accident.

  • Plates and bowls. Without competition, the most at-risk item during a move is dishware. Plates, bowls, and glasses are fragile, and a single dropped or unwrapped item can mean needing to buy a whole new set. To prevent breakage, make sure to use small moving boxes (this gives the items less room to move around and crack) and to wrap each item in at least two layers of newspaper or bubble wrap.
  • Wooden chairs. While wooden dining room chairs don’t have nearly as high of a risk for falling and smashing, they are frequently scuffed and damaged when being transported because they’re so bulky and awkward to carry. Movers in Doylestown PA are advised to disassemble their chairs as far as possible and to wrap all parts in bubble wrap individually to avoid damage.
  • Your home itself. This one comes as a surprise to many movers – whether it’s their old home or new, moving heavy boxes and items around frequently causes damage to flooring and walls, which can be time-consuming and costly to fix. Residents are advised to invest in a durable set of furniture movers and to wrap all furniture in moving blankets prior to transportation. This will help to protect floors and walls from damage.

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